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French Stand Near Arras (Memoir 44)

During the fall of the Dunkirk pocket, several French and British units launched desperate attacks to slow the German advance, allowing the B.E.F. to evacuate by sea. On May 20, near Arras, the French 3rd DLM (Light Motorized Division), placed under the British command of General Franklyn and following heavy losses against the 10th Panzer, regrouped. Promised reinforcements, General Franklyn chose to establish defensive positions around Arras. Rommel's 7th Panzer Division rolled toward them; would the reinforcements arrive in time to save the beleaguered French forces?

The germans push hard on the left with their infantry, crushing the meagre french resistance in their way. Luckily for the french, some british tanks arrive to support them. (Germany 1, Allies 0)

The germans continue their attack on the left, while also mounting a second big push on the right. The british bring in more tanks in support of their ally. (Germany 2, Allies 1)

The french and british counter attack on the left, but the french find themselves hard pressed by the germans on the right. (Germany 3, Allies 3)

The germans get their panzers rolling and make a dash against the french center, while german infantry on the right continue to press their attack. On the left, the allies have the overextended german infantry on the ropes. (Germany 5, Allies 4)

The germans finish off the french tanks in the center, forcing a breach. The Allies are forced to withdraw. (Germany 6, Allies 4)

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