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Paying the Piper (Battles of Westeros)

"Fire and pestilence! Is nothing to be believed anymore? That ridiculous popinjay of House Piper still runs free somewhere, but not here in the Riverlands. No! Here, we find ourselves alone, asked to play the buffoon by House Stark. In our zeal to squash Marq Piper and his raiding parties, we have strayed too far from our encampment and now the Stark dogs nip at our heels, threatening to cut off our return path.

They are fools to have attempted as much. If we push hard enough, we can get a few men through to apprise Ser Jaime Lannister of our situation, and then these Northern scoundrels will find they have enmeshed themselves in a battle they are unfit to win." -Terrance Crakehall

The Lannister forces rush in to take the village seperating the Stark army. Lord Karstark's men on the right make a strong opening attack, but the Mountain intercept the cavalry sent to capture the Lannister crossings in the rear.

The Lannisters cling on their central position, sheltered by the buildings. What remains of the Stark's light cavalry is destroyed by Ser Addam Marbrand and his knights.

Lord Karstark makes some headway and recaptures one of the buildings, while a small force of Stark troops try the right flank again, in the hopes of capturing the crossings.

The Mountain makes his way to the village and crushes all opposition, capturing once more the central building. Meanwhile, Lord Karstark makes a mad dash for the Lannister rear and their crossings, managing to reach one of them.

Lord Karstark charges another crossing, defended by Ser Addam Marbrand, capturing both the crossing and the knight, but it is too little and too late. (Lannister 4, Stark 2)

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